Jocelyn Barlow Boblink is a freelance fine artist, marketing communications consultant, and graphic designer with over 30 years experience in project management and development, print and web design, and digital media strategies. Her experience includes detangling social media marketing knots, copywriting, watercolor illustration, board management, volunteer recognition, K-8 art curriculum development, commerical and residential interior design, font design, and Photoshop manipulation. Passionate about bringing beauty from chaos, she launched Gothic Windows in 1991, just after launching her first child.

Jocelyn was born nearly on campus at Purdue University and raised in Kingsville, Maryland by terribly clever parents. After graduating from St. Paul's School for Girls in Baltimore, and weathering a rather tumultuous college career, she earned a BA from Purdue in Creative Arts and Medieval Studies. Joce's well-rounded experience includes working in toy stores, design, typesetting, and project workflow in lively printing presses, data management in D.C. lobbying organizations, developing and teaching K–8 art curricula, volunteer and board management, leading adult trainings in how to teach middle schoolers Economics, serving drinks to golfers in the shadow of NORAD, and the psychological and physical gymnastics of potty-training toddlers and teaching teenagers how to parallel park.

Joce (pronounced "JOE-see"— If you would like to discuss the choice, spelling, or pronunciation of her name, we recommend watching the 1962 movie, The Manchurian Candidate, or you may contact her mother directly) is a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, and is also an awarded calligrapher and watercolor painter. In 1997 she was named official artist for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. and her original works can be found in collections from California to Finland. Her citations and awards hail from exhibitions in Rhode Island, Maryland, Indiana, and Illinois.

Mrs. Boblink has painted an enormous fiberglass duck, illustrated a children's book, written a Christmas devotional, led a student–assisted wall mural, sung "there's more than corn in Indiana" from the cliffs of Tintagel, changed the oil in her VW, played in a handbell choir, ridden an elephant, taught and developed Sunday School , driven on a frozen lake, remodeled homes, and thrives on lake life, her friends and Bible study. She works out of her studio-office where she lives with her devastatingly handsome husband, their nephew, and a black dog named Strider.